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 Bronze! 409 Online
Joey - 10/21/2000 10:10 AM EDT

 Bronze! Anti-MAC Ribbon Campaign
Anonymous from - 07/21/1997 04:43 AM EDT

 Bronze! Anti-Windows Ribbon Campaign
Anonymous - 09/23/2001 11:15 AM EDT

 Bronze! Don't be a sheep. Use a Macintosh.
Delphine Kiminsu - 12/10/2000 12:57 PM EST

 Bronze! Macs RULE!!!
Anonymous - 09/23/2001 04:35 PM EDT

 Bronze! Proud To Use A Macintosh!
Anonymous - 03/14/1999 01:08 PM EST

 Bronze! Support Erik von Detten
nicole - 04/12/2003 01:41 AM EDT

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