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 Best!  Gold! All I want for Christmas is a life
Anonymous from - 12/23/1997 12:21 PM EST

 Best!  Silver! A Manly Shade of Salmon
Anonymous - 09/15/2001 11:51 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Anti-Americans On The Web Campaign
Jonathan Goldhirsch - 01/24/2000 05:52 AM EST

 Best!  Silver! Arse
Adam - 04/15/1999 07:42 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Ban Bitter Dumbasses
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 09:39 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Ban Custom Ribbon Generators
Anonymous - 02/22/1997 07:04 PM EST

 Best!  Silver! Ban HTML
Anonymous from - 08/04/1997 02:47 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Ban Stupid People
Anonymous - 05/31/1999 01:23 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! ban the ribbon
Anonymous from - 09/24/1997 01:47 AM EDT

 Best!  Silver! Best of the BEST RIBBON Campaign
Kathleen Geary - 01/01/1999 09:46 AM EST

 Best!  Silver! BORN FREE!!! Campaign for a Bra-less Nation!
Shelly - 05/06/2000 05:22 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Bring back jazz clarinet!
C.S. - 12/08/1998 11:21 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Campaign to Stop Rain!
Anonymous from - 07/03/1997 04:09 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Can I say Penis on an Internet Ribbon?
melnery - 07/10/1999 06:23 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Consultants SUCK!
Anonymous from - 01/30/1997 04:29 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Customers Are NEVER Right!
Jennifer - 09/25/1999 01:51 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Down with Bitter Dumbasses!
Anonymous from - 08/24/1996 09:33 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Down With Conformity!
Jenni - 03/01/2000 11:37 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Down with dubs!!!
Dilly - 04/09/2000 05:37 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Down With Martha Stewart!
Amy Jackey - 10/19/1999 08:28 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Down With Subterfuge!
Anonymous from - 06/15/1997 09:54 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! eat it, red boy
Anonymous from - 08/30/1996 09:59 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Enough with this free speech thing already!
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 01:33 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Everybody hates WebGurus Com!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:45 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! Excuse me, where are the urinals please??
Anonymous - 04/24/1997 05:27 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! fight for pacifism
Anonymous - 03/01/2000 11:05 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! fish for china!
Anonymous from - 04/18/1997 07:24 AM EDT

 Best!  Silver! Free donkeys for all!
Anonymous from - 07/23/1997 10:21 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Fuck Metallica!!!
hayla - 07/27/2000 04:08 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! Fuck You, Falwell
aquaviann - 09/18/2001 10:36 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Go hunt some Hillbillies
Anonymous from - 04/15/1997 11:05 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Go Tim, Go!!!
Anonymous from - 09/05/1996 07:47 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Hey! Stand up for something! I don't care what!
Anonymous - 06/24/1997 03:28 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Hey! Stand up for something! Who cares what!
Anonymous - 06/24/1997 03:28 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! If you use AOL, get the hell off my site
Anonymous from - 08/02/1997 04:15 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I hate this web-site!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:44 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I hate WebGurus.Com!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:45 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I Love Napster and Metallica Won't Take Away My Right To Steal All Their Music Campaign (Fight On USC)
Mike - 05/19/2000 03:12 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! I'm protesting to....uh ...what was that again
Anonymous - 07/26/1997 10:29 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! I proudly support ribbons
Anonymous from - 08/07/1997 04:22 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I Support Catholic School Girls That Dont Wear Panties
The Perfect One Drake D - 09/21/2001 11:20 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I Support Everything Award
Anonymous from - 07/29/1997 12:38 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! I would make another ribbon but I gotta poop
Hicky Girl - 08/06/1999 05:42 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Life sucks!
Anonymous from - 04/14/1997 06:21 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! life would be better if the world smelled like mango
Kimberly - 10/11/1999 02:54 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! LOVE ME! Or I'll beat your little ASS to the gound!
KaT - 08/09/1999 11:09 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Lynx Rules!
Anonymous from - 08/26/1996 05:22 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Mars Needs Women
Anonymous from - 06/19/1997 11:16 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! More porn on slutboy .com
Anonymous from - 05/02/1997 11:49 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Mr. T = Good.
Anonymous - 12/01/1997 07:30 PM EST

 Best!  Gold! My ass is killing me. I need help.
Anonymous from - 05/02/1997 11:44 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Net Users Against Microsoft
Anonymous from - 06/25/1997 09:40 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Net Users Against SPAM
Anonymous from - 06/25/1997 09:43 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Newsie Fans Unite
Anonymous from - 07/31/1997 01:52 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Newsies Unite
Anonymous from - 07/31/1997 01:34 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! No Macarena
Anonymous from - 07/23/1997 01:26 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Pave the Earth! Chrome the Moon!
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 01:34 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Peace, Love and Cheese!
Anonymous - 05/06/2000 05:19 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! People for the Ethical Treatment of Lemon Pie
Anonymous from - 09/17/1997 06:11 PM EDT

 Best!  Silver! Pick a Cause... It's Trendy
Anonymous from - 08/24/1997 12:28 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Proud to be a Catholic school girl who doesn't wear panties
SIN - 12/09/1999 01:43 AM EST

 Best!  Gold! Proud To be A Net Addict
Anonymous - 08/07/1997 06:22 PM EDT

 Best!  Super! Remember our Vets
Marlene - 11/03/1998 11:58 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Ribbons R Us
Anonymous - 06/10/1997 06:18 PM EDT

Anonymous - 11/04/1998 08:08 AM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Screw vegetarians! Let's Eat Meat!
Anonymous from - 09/19/1997 10:54 AM EDT

Smoke Free Email
 Best!  Bronze! Smoke Free Email - Anonymous - 07/20/2000 12:03 AM EDT
 Best!  Silver! Smoke Free Email - Anonymous - 07/19/2000 11:37 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! SOMEBODY is paying for YOUR FREE SPEECH
Anonymous from - 04/22/1997 10:40 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Spam for President 2000!
Anonymous from - 07/30/1997 12:53 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Support Breasts
Anonymous from sgigate.SGI.COM - 06/23/1997 12:13 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Support Free Sex
Anonymous from - 08/01/1997 02:10 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Support my loser home page
Anonymous - 06/24/1997 03:27 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Support Panty Hose!
Anonymous from - 11/04/1998 07:57 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Support Uncut Anime!
Anonymous - 07/22/2000 03:45 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Support Vaginal Pride
Anonymous from - 11/12/1997 10:36 AM EST

 Best!  Silver! Support Women's Breasts!
Anonymous from - 07/05/1997 09:53 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Support your local Fart Retrieval league!
Anonymous from - 04/15/1997 08:44 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Support Your Local Webmaster
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 01:33 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Ten Hungry Penguins
Anonymous from - 02/13/1997 03:50 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Terrorism BITES...hard!!!
Kristen - 09/12/2001 05:59 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! does a body good
Anonymous from - 07/26/1997 08:39 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! This Doo Doo Colored Ribbon was created With the Ribbon -O- Matic
Anonymous from - 01/19/1997 08:10 AM EST

 Best!  Bronze! This Website Sucks But This Award Is Cool Award
Anonymous from - 07/29/1997 12:39 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Up with halflings!
Anonymous from - 09/05/1996 11:50 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Up with sheep!
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 05:45 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Useless Pages Unite!
Anonymous from - 08/14/1997 03:13 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! U suck
Anonymous from - 09/12/1996 03:57 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! should be banned from your use!
Anonymous from - 08/28/1996 05:53 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! is better than this garbage!
Anonymous from - 06/06/1997 01:38 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Webgurus suck
Anonymous - 08/27/1996 04:33 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! We, The People... Fighting For The First Amendment
Nani - 09/15/2001 02:12 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Zero tolerance for Intolerant People!
sheryl mc ginnis - 11/25/1999 11:11 AM EST

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