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Are these guys involved in computers or something?

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 Bronze! Against MicroSoft (and badly written programs)
Anonymous from - 07/19/1997 07:31 PM EDT

 Bronze! Against MicroSoft and badly written software
Anonymous from - 07/21/1997 07:04 AM EDT

 Gold! Boycott Microsoft "Bob"!
Anonymous from - 06/21/1997 11:40 PM EDT

 Bronze! BSOD
Jeffery McLean - 10/08/2000 08:26 AM EDT

 Silver! Columbine HS Littleton,CO
Anonymous - 06/16/2001 01:23 PM EDT

 Bronze! Does "Microsoft" mean "small and limp"?
Rykie - 02/05/2000 05:57 PM EST

 Bronze! MicroShaft WinBlows
manz - 03/06/2002 04:14 PM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Net Users Against Microsoft
Anonymous from - 06/25/1997 09:40 PM EDT

 Bronze! Remember Our Audioscopes
Anonymous - 12/02/1999 02:42 AM EST

 Bronze! Windows for the lazy BSOD in the morning and you can go home
Jeffery McLean - 10/08/2000 09:21 AM EDT

The Modern Rockefeller

 Gold! Bill Gates is an Evil SOB!
Anonymous from - 08/23/1996 06:20 PM EDT

 Bronze! Bill Gates is QUEER!
Anonymous from - 06/29/1998 03:33 PM EDT

Anonymous from - 06/03/1997 05:19 PM EDT

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