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Some people sure take politics seriously, eh?

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 Silver! America has no Freedom or Democracy and Justice for none. FIGHT THE STATE NOT IT'S WARS!!
Dave - 03/26/2003 10:09 PM EST

 Bronze! America sucks
Dave - 03/16/2003 02:49 PM EST

 Silver! annoy a Liberal -- work hard
Anonymous from - 07/09/1997 08:17 PM EDT

 Bronze! Anti-war: No Blood For Oil!
LaLaLisa - 03/22/2003 07:48 PM EST

 Bronze! Bin Laden For President
Anonymous - 09/30/2002 09:25 AM EDT

 Gold! Bombing out of love... Humanitarian reasons... Yeah Right!
Anonymous - 03/25/1999 02:25 AM EST

 Gold! Bring Him Home Safe
Anonymous - 02/20/2003 09:15 PM EST

 Gold! Can't we all just get along?
Anonymous - 05/02/2000 02:46 AM EDT

 Bronze! Conservative and Proud
Anonymous from - 07/19/1997 07:03 PM EDT

 Silver! conservative republican ahead
joyce - 05/04/1999 10:47 AM EDT

Dave for Prez.
 Silver! Dave for Prez. - dave - 04/07/2000 02:59 PM EDT
 Bronze! DAVE FOR PREZ - dave - 05/22/2000 01:20 AM EDT

 Silver! Deport Elian
Josh Ramsey - 04/07/2000 07:06 AM EDT

 Bronze! Don't let women vote
Anonymous from - 02/25/1999 11:49 AM EST

 Bronze! Drop Bush not bombs!
Anonymous - 09/27/2002 09:56 AM EDT

 Bronze! Ebonics... No More!
Anonymous - 11/11/1998 07:30 PM EST

 Silver! Enough With The Fucking Christian Lies
Anonymous - 09/07/1997 04:49 AM EDT

 Gold! Floridians aren't idiots-- Bush and Gore are!
Jayelle Lukash - 11/22/2000 01:07 PM EST

 Bronze! Free Tibet
Anonymous from - 09/03/1997 06:57 PM EDT

 Bronze! FUCK BUSH
cher - 12/13/2000 05:08 PM EST

 Silver! Fuck Christians Campaign
Anonymous - 09/07/1997 04:51 AM EDT

 Bronze! Harry Lime Voted for Al Gore
Phoebe - 10/25/2002 12:27 PM EDT

 Gold! I do not wander lonely as a cloud!
Grubbymitts - 05/15/2001 03:46 PM EDT

 Bronze! I don't care if Nixon is dead, I STILL want to impeach him!
Anonymous - 11/25/2000 07:43 PM EST

 Silver! If we win, the Supreme Court will back us to the hilt
Anonymous - 05/04/2000 03:42 PM EDT

 Bronze! I'm a Marine's Gal I Support Him and This War
Anonymous - 03/26/2003 10:36 PM EST

 Bronze! I Officially Declare War on the Government
Anonymous from - 11/14/1997 02:04 PM EST

 Gold! I Support Our Troops
Reflections - 03/18/2003 11:05 AM EST

 Gold! leftist Clintonista feminazi intellectual liberal elite progressive constitutional conservative flaming homosexual sympathizer with an agenda
Anonymous - 09/18/2001 10:27 AM EDT

 Bronze! leftist Clintonista feminazi intellectual liberal elite progressive constitutional conservative flaming homosexual with an agenda
Anonymous - 09/17/2001 05:43 PM EDT

 Silver! Left-Wing, Socialist, Environmentalist, with the heart of a ruthless, sadistic maniac
Anonymous - 10/10/2001 07:38 PM EDT

 Bronze! Liberals can kiss my ass
Duckbutt - 09/19/2002 09:33 PM EDT

 Bronze! NAVY
maribel - 02/03/2000 09:45 PM EST

 Bronze! Non-voters Unite~!
minkFox - 07/21/1999 02:09 PM EDT

 Gold! No republicans in 2000
Anonymous - 05/07/1999 10:04 PM EDT

No war bitch - 03/30/2003 08:00 PM EST

John - 04/18/2003 02:55 AM EDT

 Gold! Politicians suck
Dave - 03/16/2003 02:52 PM EST

 Gold! Proud to be Anti-War
Dave - 03/18/2003 10:05 PM EST

 Bronze! Puerto Rico
maribel - 02/03/2000 10:07 PM EST

 Bronze! Rescind Arkansas Statehood
Willow - 09/23/2002 11:14 PM EDT

 Gold! Ribbon Without A Cause
Ron Chait - 06/09/2001 01:20 AM EDT

 Silver! The NRA will operate out of the BUSH Whitehouse
Anonymous - 05/04/2000 03:31 PM EDT

 Silver! This World Is Bullshit
Anonymous - 09/05/2001 09:58 AM EDT

withdraw North America from NATO
Anonymous - 03/10/2011 04:19 AM EST

Death Penalty

 Bronze! In Memory of Karla Faye Tucker
Maggi - 04/17/1999 04:37 PM EDT

 Bronze! In Memory of the Lives Lost in School Shootings
In memory of lives lost in school shootings - 03/12/2001 09:06 PM EST

 Bronze! Marriage God's revenge upon humans beieving that they are beter than him!!!
Chris - 01/20/2001 09:39 PM EST

 Bronze! MARRIAGE God's revenge upon humans for believeing that they are better than him!
Anonymous - 06/23/2001 03:07 PM EDT

 Bronze! Rest In Peace
Anonymous - 03/22/2003 11:41 PM EST

 Bronze! Serial Killer in Training
tay - 08/15/2000 04:50 PM EDT

 Silver! Stop the Killing...Abolish The Death Penalty
Cindy - 12/31/1999 10:49 PM EST

 Bronze! Support the Death Penalty
Anonymous - 08/26/1997 02:28 PM EDT

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