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 Bronze! 2Gabby says...go visit for your own free icons and ribbons! :o)
2Gabby - 08/09/2000 02:38 PM EDT

 Silver! Are you too smart for your own good?
Pamela Ramsey - 02/08/1999 05:39 PM EST

 Silver! Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for but a thing to be achieved!!
Anonymous - 09/13/2000 06:14 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Everybody hates WebGurus Com!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:45 PM EDT

 Gold! FUCK
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 07:42 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I hate this web-site!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:44 PM EDT

 Bronze! I hate u fucker
Anonymous from - 09/05/1996 03:31 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! I hate WebGurus.Com!
Anonymous from - 04/13/1997 11:45 PM EDT

 Bronze! Kindred Spirit
Anonymous - 05/11/2002 01:45 PM EDT

Anonymous - 03/17/1999 06:33 PM EST

 Bronze! These wonderful icons brought to you by... The icon-o-matic!
cowgoil - 09/15/1999 12:12 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! U suck
Anonymous from - 09/12/1996 03:57 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! should be banned from your use!
Anonymous from - 08/28/1996 05:53 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! is better than this garbage!
Anonymous from - 06/06/1997 01:38 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Webgurus suck
Anonymous - 08/27/1996 04:33 PM EDT

 Bronze! YOU SUCK
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 07:42 PM EDT

You won't get these

 Best!  Gold! Ban Bitter Dumbasses
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 09:39 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Down with Bitter Dumbasses!
Anonymous from - 08/24/1996 09:33 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Down With Subterfuge!
Anonymous from - 06/15/1997 09:54 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! eat it, red boy
Anonymous from - 08/30/1996 09:59 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Go Tim, Go!!!
Anonymous from - 09/05/1996 07:47 PM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Mars Needs Women
Anonymous from - 06/19/1997 11:16 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! More porn on slutboy .com
Anonymous from - 05/02/1997 11:49 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! My ass is killing me. I need help.
Anonymous from - 05/02/1997 11:44 AM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Pave the Earth! Chrome the Moon!
Anonymous from - 08/22/1996 01:34 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Screw vegetarians! Let's Eat Meat!
Anonymous from - 09/19/1997 10:54 AM EDT

 Best!  Bronze! Support Vaginal Pride
Anonymous from - 11/12/1997 10:36 AM EST

 Best!  Bronze! Up with halflings!
Anonymous from - 09/05/1996 11:50 PM EDT

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